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Some of this content will be triggering to victims of childhood abuse and sexual assault. L and Light are changed together and L has a secret he's trying to hide. Louis really likes his habit of wearing a nappy to bed (like, a lot). He won't set foot into a public restroom by himself. This is my first time writing these characters so it's probably shitty. Age Regression One-Shots or Multi-Parts exploring Mark and Jack's Age Regression relationship. Jared has to pee so he decides to use the small restroom in the back of the plane; unfortunately, things don't go as planed so Jared decides to get back at the airlines for having such a small restroom, he wets his pants in his seat as an act of revenge but things go a little sweeter between him and Jensen than he expected."Deana incluso había olvidado la manera en la que pasaban las horas, los días y los meses. But she never thought that she'd fall head first for his jerk of an older brother.*Set During Season 1 and beyond* Dean and Castiel are on vacation to Greece.Hace mucho, dejó de contar los días que pasaban y se había dedicado a vivir sin "vivir", viajando en su Impala sin un rumbo, como queriendo llegar al atardecer, pero siempre era muy noche. Having a private villa means Dean can ride Cas outside without worrying about getting caught.

4chan and its derivatives have a common template for such terms: Just take the name or premise of the show and add "-fag" after it... Sonicfags, Pokefags, Ponyfags, etc.) ..suffixes attributed to their Fan Dumb.

Jimin, insecure, stubborn, cute After staying in Russia for some time, Yuuri notices a strange habit about Yuri... Ethan is a precocious toddler and Tyler has his hands full. Jared and Jensen are on their way home from a Supernatural Convention.

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