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21-Jul-2017 01:36

Averting your eyes or avoiding eye contact tells people that you want to talk to them and will make people avoid you instead.

Want to let women know it’s OK to come talk to you?

One of the most common – and frequently overlooked – is through eye contact.

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A good haircut, keeping any facial hair neatly trimmed and clean, stylish clothes that more approachable than the sloppy-looking guy in the baggy sweatshirt with the stains and the jeans that reek of cigarette smoke with bed-head and three days’ worth of stubble. Because it takes advantage of what’s known as the Halo Effect, a cognitive bias that causes our overall impression of someone to affect how we think about them. This doesn’t mean that you need to be rocking a three-piece suit at all hours, but if you’re going out of the house, you want to make sure to take the time to look sharp.Even if you’re just people-watching on your own, doing so with a smile and open body language will indicate that you’re actually having fun and that will make you seem more enticing to the people around you.Keep in mind: you can’t just sit around and expect women to do all the heavy lifting for you.Similarly, you want to position yourself so you’re open to the center of the room.

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If your back is to the people around you – you’re facing the bar, you’ve sequestered yourself in a corner somewhere – you’re putting up yet another barrier that makes you less approachable; someone who’s .

As I’ve said before: there’s being good looking, and then there’s being attractive.