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C^aptain Scatt and iv^ coiifp4tiiio QS perished on the joumo" bact to their base. that he should have withheld it, thougfi he added: "I yield to no one in ray adiriira- uon of Scott and the wav he and bis men dkd." Ot\f London paptr, rtportin R the speech, said thai he had "destroyed the . 7'Ar Sfott legend a M live on because, itf inspiration does not depend on suteeis. Nex] vicvi we tflkp a pri-l Jiniruirt Jnnli st di Olympit Ganir» in a seven-pagr junction. Kneeht leni formerly Fay Copptrtnit, and the it etjdinl Ai T famtiy at Raae Ray a/irr an abt&nn A of three yetut. Marj^arel'i stole was of white sili, and tin it her tjrandmnther had painted tolorfiil hush flowers. A Mc Kern in Boenr's agent, whom she wed hastily in 1941 It the age of 17, and aged randurtor Leopold Stakow- ■b, by wiwm she had two torn.

When Scott and a party of four reached the South Pole on Janiu Lt 18, 1912, they loiind tka L a rival expedition led by the Norwegian Amundsea had ar- rive a month earlier. was addressing Scienlisi;;, whost mlmk should be suf- ficieti Lly deju- lo sqjaratr coumgc from suites.'.. A Amvim Uai\ from 17 Pmit Otm II the moat Ke^A m J]Aar« kh« tm -or t J3* Hiiifi (! ]%ext week: • From now on the Auiicralian spoil light will be focus»] on Mdboumc. Play- abduls and Co-ordinates are rfic wnes you wnuld buy. And here ihey are in the shops of Australia — rc»dy to give you the "look of elegance" thai all wimen admire. Scintiilatinf; New Beach Fashions — incltidinf; the liinic look . Mc Keim, "but cve*y Mc Kern in ihr wwrld U re- lated.

Captain Seoti, im said, mas wsak on ofgaiurafwn, psychoiogy, and en Aitiarc- lic irave Uing techniques. Sir Raymond, prtsidi-m of die British Affiociiation of the Advanrcmcnl o f Stlicnce and a former Vitc-Chancelior of Melbourne Umvcrsitv. THIS WEEK'S CROSSWORD ACROSS • ll(:nibr.r of Lhe cor- lupo Bdliz B KClittf at la ■ mtn twrtk- Bwd ■ ti Tf l Ei . In this imiu- Yvoni," Auli0 ti^lls the story of Wayne'j hir Ui, iclfviitj for a mrdiral audience al Critwn Stfeel Ifn J pitai, . Both Vvmuic and irtafi photo, t^pher Ron Berg rated liu^ ajaienment ms or of the most dniimitir \bey have cict liail Rc hai taken many bahy pjrtiirf.s in bit limr, b* wl- di.if\k Ihj LL die ntie iiir il the already knew all the wbdom ihai life br abm to (rarh them. t BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES Ult BUated is "Sundance", one of Catalina's fashion-leading, lop-! If j-ou went shopping in Ametica right mow, Catalina Swimraits. ITie Mc Keml came originally from Scotland, but migrated alter the battle nf Cullodi-ii, Family tree "JTS a luntiy tiling," said Mr.

SCOTT LEGEND WILL ENDURE TRUE hcrotiati ttiaves an indcs Uuctiblc In London recently Sir Raymcnid Prkiil Jiry, a scit^itist member of Scott's fll- falcd 1912 polar cxptfdilion, tritiriscd cciliun aspects oi C&piaia Scott's leader- ship. | • When W ayne Spurgin grows up 1^ will be able to tc U people he was a T'' siar whea v^a M b Hjm. Diverted at last from the Kellys, the actot told me a tittle about his own family- Hls grandfather was bom in Limeriik, Iipland.

How tould lini Ai, in her scvcnly-firth yrar, tm tiki! i Vnylhu T^ that htid happeni^d in "r tiniiw wnutd havr within Inbiii's rapabilitiir^. And why should •ix imagrm that dif Tcrcal pruplp lind i Junr the different thinjp? Her hi*ir lay in damp on the pillow, her little triangular lace had 3 tired, defeorrlraa loot "No. ^herc a j*ec Qr- ity man pacmis tlie drivp, and where a\ kn-nwn leiepfiuiic lines to Ihe fciouse eiil- cellrt L . my sludki friends report, die higiily im- prosiw Monroe cireu K i^ in- atalted — Miitf Mi Greene 'her I'ice-prraident \ Mia. ' ■ ■■- 27 National Library of Australia Why Jet your child suflfer? MACB'S MAILBAG ' Unhappy engagements ishonld be broken • An engagement ta marry is a testing lime for both the man and woman concerned. , The Aualra Jian IV oil) en's Wi-fily, Box mi WW, G. 11 he makes things so difficult for her now, what miseri M ,^wait her after marriage i It's painful to break an emotioru Ll tie which hus raet deep hopes Itir future happi- ness. Biui bhle H»Mj - Tr»j TDlottj ITIM try lain,, KTTlftlt Ilia 'aj IUil tmyc Urth In linen 1^ Pft Eiw and Id Enitfiii fi/ll, Po Htap!

No, ii must be all the work of one pcnoa, loroconc who hated her or who was jealous of her, or who juit \a A a nasty, malic ioux miad. Shall 1 lend for 3 dortor^" Crwssida asitwi ansif Mijty. Vlarifyn purrs Lii^ a con- (mtcd kitct:ii under Eiis tsi SA- (crfui protf^trr OHS^ : . itorv wms writic H Arthur Millpj- Ipfi by air for a slicirt viiit la Nvw Vort.) Her -nudta ii Issuing roy-jlty-type bulli^tin; .ihaut her progress nn dip giv- ing tftc tii TW she arriv Ml :tc the nudio and ciuc- lining bncffy the happenings iif ihe diiy. Lee Stiaslwrs filer drama coach), Jei T\' Juroe i her publiekt, wfio always rfjfnmand.^ a leatn i J Eriiiih Press-menu for her). Vnicfi- can (honta i^rl who mct Hs a fiireijsn prince t-aiirenc« niivieri visiting Kdwardian I.iindnn fur ihe tlomnaticin. USTERINE will protect ALL your family from so many illnesses Listerine gargled 3 times daily fights illness originating in the mouth tmost illness develops hm ^erms obsofbed tlir9. If either one creates continued' strain during the engagement, that person is a poor marriage risk. Vet it is irresponsible folly not to do na when it is all too clear thai these hopes are in-(oundcil. Digfai- Ifuwii dcsiiai«rt Hrl uid cjolar choice Irtrli L J c A crrmaa^nd -^hitg irtsh Uwrn.

Stj Khvn 1 bc Ran to ma into Ssm around ttie courthouse, J* rad a niche in one of the rity's old, ctrnstrvalivc firms, "iiad Ung estates, tracing li Uri and all the rest of it. work unlcffl you have a f*elinj fur it, and Sam didn't 'IE tinted it. He wants me to come down and look the Ritijation ovpt." "So now von should be happy, thoiilitii't ynu? pay tucasionally in the plare.s L'lirle [;iareni:e frequenti f hale to go dow-ii there like a pool relative." ' "Ah, yes," I laid, reinnmbeiing my own dayi as a yttung law-yer. No tvonder yotl wefe fdlawedl yilu're muclt too attrarii^*e.** Then he »fas ssaac before Cnasida rouki think ol anyfhhig vnorr 10 say. Siiirlie was dis riicf fjridej- iiiaid at the flsrdif^^' wedding in June . Shirlif and Mailland will live in Mcl- bctimr, • • • jt JYDNEY membi TS of xhv Garden Ckib rif AM.^tralia are having a very busy time Just ni)w. Npi-ille Munro and W endy Llnvd-Jon M Jahn is die tnn nf Mrs. Then she got hw big hrs-ak — 1 leadinie part in "The Thief," the !

Il muii br beeau M Arabia had imh approved of Lam- thai liie had refused lo talk of Lucy's wcddinp, prrferrin R Crrnila 10 think she had died unmarried. Oei Bida' pulled ope Ji (ie drawer of her dak to take out hia- notes and add to them. She wa^ being peiscmted in a mean anti \y way by siinwfme who obviously wai a liltle uii- babu Kied. it did jcctn aii if I1 must be Arabia who was tjoini; theie apparently sense Jess thin^ Already sike had told a f^at many liei about tany, at it was ciiar that ihr «va ^tn«^ vrry ■IL 'J am l OTTy r clilbi't write jo Benby, but ^ lofts of t Bii H^ wenf happmio^. Mi whu hai hjpp L-nnl today I think ynu 'irill ^p Tin? Knr it irouldn't bt Arahia who playini; ihnv trirlu on her. I doii'l want a doctor," Mrs, Stan- fiopc whispered erti|)haricaliy. After the reception, the couple hurried to the Paper Mill Flayhoiise, in Millbum, New Jersej', where GInria wa.s due tti gn on a I 6. in "Tile Spa," The hi HJSc was a nel 1-011(4 hut, thank» to a blackout iaused bv a thuiidrrsiomi, the per- SECOND HUSBAND. con«, con Jiirtji M tont Mrl at Carnegie Ha U, formance was cancelled and the cotiple had a hrief, tinex- peeted honeymoon- Some s«id ibic rtorm aug;ured well for (he mani B(! ir- fifd ih Li diflrrcnce in our illitudn will cmse a lol of "I have watched liim tare- 'iilly arinmd hl^ home, where ihcrr are wveral faraili RS with ^yidren. Do they fi*ve the sflme mind about ''wieniial lnu«, the ssiine standards, and ideals? Tht cloth li ciht Alii Khj-p *Qt out re»dy to D^nke^ aruo (Jnrl T UKfd tie^fy iinrm In c Jeun uiil vlilff. Stl CNf MICl L INBUSTRt ES OF IHSTHLIJI 1 It H ZE«t L«li O For real skin health and natural beauty ^1 «■¥ Thn At M*»a IF rrx FAUIOIKCS Only a hca Uhy skin can be ically bcauuful, and Soiypcol Soap keeps your skin beali Ji) The rich, creamy lather of Solyptoj Soap i^freslm •Af^ i\ cleanses. t cut him off in the aidiile of his fif Ui paragraph. lu E Aus TBiit An VVo MEM s Weekli - Sepieuibcr 1^, I'JStj 6, and Christopher, 4. Cer- laicdy it n-asn't Siokowski, She and Frankic both in- ulated ihcy were meretjf "good Iriends." Steadily Gloria kept the welfare of her sons in mind. Son," 1 said, "my advi™ is to get your appticatio D in 'srly- Yuij'll makf a gotid ffial lawysr, Ynu Ve "i E'^ificrnl caparily for iiidigniitimi." Now I suppose tbflt sounds cryptic and S(i Jonionpj«|uc, but wltiw you ^Ri the. Betty had jtist come in, and she was ^omerhin K to improve anv day. One reason she left Slokowski, she said last year, was that she t'ouidn i make with him the home she wanted toi her children, .•\lways she has been ex- plicit that she never wanted them to know the loneliness and noxiciy of her own diild- hood. "Y™ know, Henry," h to dnwn to New York and ^et into Untie Chrenee', "Puniri^ busiriew, There', rest money there." nilnk you d lite ih« cjiportin!! " I sukrd /le wnnilfd his brow until his mop of red h*ir seemed bo 'Ti'f^, '," '""S'^ '■V'-'*™'". 'T-Ic mentlgined it a crmple of ume Ji when I was in college.'* But I Jtncw it wnssi't only the career position involved in Sam'e indecision- — there was alw a girl in live picturc- flcr name Wi« Betty Milner, and nhe woried in the hiral acniuntaiit's offirc. Sam's reluciatire to go traipsing down 't(i i Vfw York and leave her behind, . " I said, "Are ihey Irudi Tig the se.trrhcs on you over there-'" Me shriok his head. it's just that I gui a Ipiier today from t'ncle Clarence." "Sl^.. Il Mt-affit't lii Qing to be muth fun Uvin^ here if i Ih kept (juarrelliog with Jeremy. Tht felc will be held at I he hnnip in Gordon on Satur- day, Spptembfrr 22, and die proreeds will lo the ly Uen- Bioiii apical. she h.1,1 jim reluracd frojn a nsit to Scotland, and Is husy sci- tlini; i Tito "digs," Judy vny- a^d rn England early this year wirli Jan Mcnonnell, of Neutral Bay, and up to now rhr)- haue jpent mnst of their time un the Cominent. Eliia- beth is the fldesi daughter of Mrs, George Bard and rhc late M"r. After nearty a year's court- ship, the couple slipped quietly down to the Licence Bureau at City Hall one day laiit week and were united on the spot by New Vork Supreme Court Justice Irv^ing Saypol, Linnet's old friend.

And sti H he couldn't seem to make up his mind to pop the qui-3iion, either. One day he cumc into the reslaarant alone, hii fterkled, homely face more bruoding ih,-\n ever. She had wanted to tell him about her dix^overy of Luey's wedding, bul now she cou Wn'f. ■ • • J HEAR that pretty Judy Alien is haviiif; a wonder- ful time in I.ondon . • • * ^ RECEPTFON ai the bridi-i hnrne ai Bellevue Hill will [ullnw the vueddins of Eliv.ahrth Prcvost and Jnhr Rinross at St. White orehids ig AYPOIj performed the reremony again in the apartment of playwright Sid- ney Kings Icy, whose "Dead End'' had started Lumet's career, Gioiia, white orchids in hci jet'hiaek hair, wore a long 18^0 French wediling gown of beige linen, .'\s bridej^aid she had her licat Iricnd, Mrs.

If it was not Arabia she was not KPitip; lo leave Drat^ House. if someone here were beha^'in^ in thai wnhalaot^ed way, Arabia mtfrr than tvi T hod ntcd of her. Crt^ssida tore up the lettcrr lo Tom ;ind bf^n ai^in. There are Marilyn's pcr- sioal serretary, her persntial hairdrew CT. tn the dreuin K-mom ihey pcmred her inro a low-necked white latin dren. Surrfjunded tly her (-n- 'ourage, Marilyn swep H on to the The I'atnera rrew grinned at her. RIGHTr' II was a 12-hour day, and it laati likej that, iiix day» a week, (or jcune ten weeki. (Tkr tmor U rmrj it fm.) "Yal cmi'( Jo mnf- iking mtlfamt making m prafnttiea w/ il," myt ame friatd. SVa of the glaring rejlectiona from s/fj- attd sun and absorb ch«m befure ihe Y rench your «ye. arc under stesa DR, DAVID MACE, Chainoan of the Inter- nalional Marriage Guid- ince Council, poinls this out to a yoimg woman who has written lo him for xdvict. A little heartbreak now is far better than a broken home later on, when not only Miss D. hcraelf, but inno- rent fhiltiren, too, may be in- volved.