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There to talk about advertising, Photoshop, labor issues, false claims, and public health were community organizer Seth Matlins, photographer Adam Katz Sinding, computer scientist and Photoshop expert Eric Kee, law professor Barbara Pozzo, lawyer Annie M. Matlins, the founder of body-positive organization Off Our Chests, kicked things off with a call-to-arms against the advertising industry for promoting negative self esteem among (particularly) young girls and women.

Matlins even raised the possibility of consumers suing brands that foster an unhealthy body image via their advertising, comparing the advertising industry to the National Football Association, which has been the targets of hundreds of lawsuits over head injuries.

An essential task of the humanities and literature courses such as this one is to aid students in analyzing and interpreting this virtual world and its rhetoric, as well as formulating arguments about it.

Students will study the "natural" and how what appears "natural" to those in certain cultures is constructed by those cultures and their industries.

We live in an ever more virtual world, a world designed to persuade us to believe in certain values and act accordingly.

At the same time, the relentless stream of messages means that consumers are forced to scan, to absorb meaning without evaluating what is being communicated.

I am grateful to these discussion for many excellent suggestions for additional readings, especially by the fashion critic and former model Jenna Sauers of Jezebel.

Trailer: Click for trailer Websites: Home, My Genre: Documentary Rated: Unrated Synopsis Picture Me, a raw and personal video diary, charts model Sara Ziff's rise from fresh face to one that adorns billboards and magazines around the world.

We were initially shooting for fun but after several people responded well to the footage, we decided to frame the personal home footage with interviews of other fashion industry insiders and models and cut a film out of it.

In what way is fashion being democratized by consumers?

Course will include guest lectures by fashion models, authors, filmmakers and/or editors; discussions of contemporary television programs, global fashion, and cultural studies; and student self-narratives about their relationships with cultural standards of beauty, whether vexed or not.

(A photo of a model with eerily smooth skin, in an ad for wrinkle cream, is making a claim about the advertised product's effectiveness.) She also added that disclaimers -- the tiny print that reads "Lashes enhanced in post-production" on a mascara ad -- are no defense against making false claims.

Sinding said that in his work as a photographer and occasional retoucher, his clients often send images back for more edits, and that the cumulative effect of several rounds of changes can lead to an increasingly unrealistic end product.There are 49 separate provisions governing advertising, and special oversight is directed towards ads that target vulnerable groups like children.