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They state: 'In most cases, exercise is safe for both mother and fetus during pregnancy and women should therefore be encouraged to initiate or continue exercise to derive the health benefitsassociated with such activities.'They add that it's a fallacy that exercise increases the risk of miscarriage or damage to an unborn baby stating 'women should be advised that adverse pregnancy or neonatal outcomes are not increased for exercising women.'They explain that exercising while pregnant has numerous benefits for the mother's health and wellbeing: 'Maternal benefits appear to be both physical and psychological in nature.

Many common complaints of pregnancy, including fatigue, varicosities and swelling of extremities, are reduced in women who exercise.

These villages were not without their idiots however, who on Sunday announced themselves to the world when camera crews captured their bizarre behaviors as 100mph winds tore up the state.

Some decided to head out and enjoy a spot of fitness as they biked into exhausting headwinds or surfed over churning waves.

This despite the very real risk of finding himself in a watery grave.

Law enforcement also shared stories of some of the residents they were called upon to aid during the early hours of the storm.

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And then there were some whose actions seemed to defy all thought and logic, most notably two sailors who headed out to sea as the storm struck - despite the fact that they cannot swim.

And while anyone caught outside could be accused of stupidity given the countless warnings from the state's governor and federal agencies, it was two men in Martin County who stood out from the pack.