Orthodox church marriage dating

15-Sep-2017 04:20

Since Kasper has sought to justify his proposal by appealing to Eastern Orthodox practice, this essay is of critical importance.

The picture Vasil paints is not pretty: “A look at these approaches to marriage questions in some Orthodox Churches leads us to conclude that, in concrete practice, the Orthodox Churches either endorse civil divorce or recognize them more or less overtly.” Elsewhere, it is even worse: “Many Orthodox Churches do little more than simply ratify the divorce sentence issued by the civil court.” This easy acceptance of divorce in the Orthodox world has caused concern even for some Orthodox writers.

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The end result was that the Christian understanding of marriage became the accepted view in Lothair’s kingdom: “Everything about the episode shows that a process had begun by which the Christian understanding of marriage gradually was to prevail over received, pre-Christian forms and norms of marriage among those peoples who had now been converted to Christianity.” Thanks to the influence of the Catholic Church, divorce became impossible in most of Europe for most of history.

Thus, under Kasper’s proposal, the Church would go from treating Christ’s prohibitions of divorce and of remarriage after divorce as being normative to treating them as being superfluous.

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